Luca Rossi chairing and moderating NLP, Fake News and Social Media @ Digital Tech Summit

Bella Center Center Blvd. 5, København

Program: Welcoming talk: The many faces of Fake News, by session chair, Luca Rossi NLP, Fake News and Social Media Scientific Talk: NLP and social media, Marina Charquero Ballestar, Postdoc, AU Scientific Talk: Editorial media and social media platforms: it’s complicated, Aske Kammer, RUC Business Talk: Daniel Hanse, Business Talk: Complexities of tacking the […]

NERDS Seminar with Nicole Lyons: Meta’s Academic and Research Partnerships

ITU, 3F07 Kaj Munks Vej 11, Copenhagen

Meta's Academic and Research Partnerships Talk Nicole Lyons will provide an overview of the Academic and Research Partnerships team, including Meta’s current tools and datasets to support independent research to study Meta's impact on society. This will include the company's URL Shares Dataset, Data for Good tools, the newly launched Ads Targeting Dataset and forthcoming […]

Roberta Sinatra at Aarhus University, The Science Studies Colloquium

Quantifying biases and inequalities in science Every day our life is made easier by efficient algorithms that search and rank scientific information. Yet, these algorithms have an issue: they are trained on citation data that is ingrained with human biases. Therefore the output is inherently biased too, creating inequalities, raising concerns of discrimination, and harming […]

Michele Coscia holds a tutorial at Complex Networks

University of Palermo Viale delle Scienze Building 19, Palermo

Node Vector Distances: Methods and Applications Michele is an associate professor at IT University of Copenhagen since 2020. He mainly works on algorithms for the analysis of complex networks, with methods spanning from Computer Science to physics, and on applying the extracted knowledge to a variety of problems, including economic development, human mobility, and the […]

NERDS SEMINAR: Claudia Acciai

ITU, 3F07 Kaj Munks Vej 11, Copenhagen

Claudia Acciai is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Sociology (UCPH). In her talk, she will discuss status biases, focusing on how nationality, institutional affiliation, gender and ethnicity can become status signals that, when salient, implicitly influence behaviors in the science system. Claudia’s presentation will draw on recent findings from two studies: a field […]

DataBeers Copenhagen

Station Howitzvej 30, Frederiksberg