Michele Coscia holds a tutorial at Complex Networks

University of Palermo Viale delle Scienze Building 19, Palermo

Node Vector Distances: Methods and Applications Michele is an associate professor at IT University of Copenhagen since 2020. He mainly works on algorithms for the analysis of complex networks, with methods spanning from Computer Science to physics, and on applying the extracted knowledge to a variety of problems, including economic development, human mobility, and the […]

NERDS SEMINAR: Claudia Acciai

ITU, 3F07 Kaj Munks Vej 11, Copenhagen

Claudia Acciai is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Sociology (UCPH). In her talk, she will discuss status biases, focusing on how nationality, institutional affiliation, gender and ethnicity can become status signals that, when salient, implicitly influence behaviors in the science system. Claudia’s presentation will draw on recent findings from two studies: a field […]

DataBeers Copenhagen

Station Howitzvej 30, Frederiksberg


Michael and Ane at CASA UCL Seminar

Bicycle networks: From data quality assessment to computational analysis Cycling is marginalized despite being a promising solution towards sustainable transport. In parallel, cycling data and cycling research are also marginalized, posing many opportunities for improvement and open questions. Here, we first present our cycling data quality tool which enables intrinsic and extrinsic assessment and reporting […]

NERDS Seminar with Francisco Rowe

ITU, 3F07 Kaj Munks Vej 11, Copenhagen

Our NERDS seminars continue on Wednesday Feb 15 with a talk from Francisco Rowe, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Geography and Planning, University of Liverpool. Francisco Rowe will introduce the research project ITINERANT: InequaliTies IN Experiencing uRbAn fuNcTion: ITINERANT aims to understand how different socio-economic groups experience, access and benefit from the wide array of functions […]

NERDS Seminar with Jonas Juul

ITU, 3F07 Kaj Munks Vej 11, Copenhagen

On Wednesday Feb 22, Jonas Juul (DTU) will present his talk "Harder, better, faster, stronger cascades - or simply larger?" on the dissemination of online content. Abstract: Do some types of online content spread faster or further than others? In recent years, many studies have sought answers to such questions by comparing statistical properties of network paths taken […]

NERDS Seminar with Louisa Jane Di Felice

ITU, 3F07 Kaj Munks Vej 11, Copenhagen

Talk: The issue of scale in anarchy: an information perspective Anarchist collectives are self-organized, non-hierarchical and anti-authoritarian. It is often argued that the scope of such collectives is limited, as they cannot grow in size or complexity without requiring some form of delegation or centralized hierarchical control. More generally, the emergence of control hierarchies in […]