Latest Past Events

NERDS at D3A SESSION #3 - AN INTERDISCIPLINARY DIVE INTO CLIMATE IT ROOM: Sal G The climate emergency is a multidimensional and wicked problem that requires a range of responses at various scales (local, regional, national, and planetary). Whether the issue of concern is renewable energy and carbon reduction, biodiversity loss, transport, agriculture, the circular economy, mitigation […]

Arianna at NetSciX24

NetSciX24, Venice (Italy), 22-25 January 2024 Extended abstract (regular talk): The Storm Within: Hurricanes and Socio-Political Leaning in Climate Change Group Behavior w. Luca Maria Aiello Climate change is a pressing global crisis marked by a surge in extreme weather events, requiring societal responses and mitigation efforts. Focusing on the significant events of the 2022 Atlantic […]

Roberta’s Keynote at the CHR 2023


Roberta gave a keynote talk at the Computational Humanities Research Conference 2023 (CHR 2023). The conference is held in Paris, 6-8 December 2023. Roberta's gave an online keynote talk, entitled "Quantifying the dynamics of impact in science and art".