Invited talk Anna Sapienza, Understanding human behaviors and engagement in mobile app usage

ITU, 4A09

Abstract: Recent years have seen an explosive growth in the use of mobile apps on smartphones and tablets. With over 2.7 billion smartphone users across the world checking their phones over 80 times a day, smartphone data offer a unique opportunity to understand main aspects of human behaviors, e.g., mobility, sleep patterns, and mobile app […]

Invited Talk: Matteo Magnani, Multilayer networks meet databases: from property graphs to online information networks

ITU, 4A05

Abstract:  The analysis of complex online information requires the availability of rich data representation models and data analysis algorithms, for example multilayer networks and multilayer network clustering methods. At the same time, data analysis processes often require the ability to store raw data not yet prepared to perform a specific type of analysis, the possibility […]

Lunch Seminar: Tiago Oliveira Cunha

4E Wing

The first and newest postdoc of NERDS, Tiago Oliveira Cunha, will introduce and discuss his work in a lunch seminar on Friday, Jan 24th, 12:15-13:00 in the 4E wing. Are All Successful Communities Alike? Characterizing and Predicting the Success of Online Communities The proliferation of online communities has created exciting opportunities to study the mechanisms […]

NERDS Seminar: Luca Aiello


Luca Aiello, ITU (NERDS): Towards Health Surveillance with Social Media In today’s heavily interconnected world, health crises develop rapidly and spread afar. Health crises burden not only people’s biological health but also their psychological and social spheres. By monitoring the population’s behavior and health conditions, public health bodies can plan prevention campaigns, promptly deploy targeted […]

NERDS Seminar with Helge Pfeiffer

2F12 Kaj Munks Vej 11, Copenhagen

The NERDS seminar continues Wednesday (22/09/2021) with an exciting talk by Helge Pfeiffer, Assistant Professor at ITU, titled: “Everything is Connected - Leveraging Graphs in Software Engineering Research”. Please join us from 12:30-13:30 in person at EHK-2F12 (or via Zoom - regular link - for virtual attendance). The presentation abstract and presenter’s bio are below. […]

NERDS Seminar: Giulia Reggiani

Understanding bikeability of urban networks Giulia Reggiani, Delft University of Technology About the author: Giulia Reggiani is ending her PhD in the department of Transport and Planning, Delft University of Technology. Her research in the last 4 years focused on structural properties of bicycle networks worldwide and on data driven methods for assessing bikeability. Her current […]

NERDS Seminar with Nicole Lyons: Meta’s Academic and Research Partnerships

ITU, 3F07 Kaj Munks Vej 11, Copenhagen

Meta's Academic and Research Partnerships Talk Nicole Lyons will provide an overview of the Academic and Research Partnerships team, including Meta’s current tools and datasets to support independent research to study Meta's impact on society. This will include the company's URL Shares Dataset, Data for Good tools, the newly launched Ads Targeting Dataset and forthcoming […]

DataBeers Copenhagen

Station Howitzvej 30, Frederiksberg