Michael at Reykjavik University

Computational, evidence-based approaches to bicycle network planning   In this talk, I explore the opportunities and limitations of network and data science for bicycle infrastructure planning. With the increasing popularity of cycling as a mode of transportation, and the necessity to invest into sustainable transport, more accurate and reliable data and computational methods on bicycle […]

Roberta at ICSSI

Exploring Gender Bias and Collaborative Dynamics in Science: Lessons from natural and controlled experiments

Anastassia at FOSS4G

https://talks.osgeo.org/foss4g-2023/talk/RPVTPU/ BikeDNA: A tool for Bicycle Infrastructure Data & Network Assessment 2023-06-28, 16:00–16:30 (Europe/Tirane), UBT C / N110 - Second Floor Access to high-quality data on existing bicycle infrastructure is a requirement for evidence-based bicycle network planning, which can support a green transition of human mobility. However, this requirement is rarely met: Data from governmental […]

Roberta at ISSI 2023

Quantifying biases and inequalities in science Every day our life is made easier by efficient measures and algorithms that quantify, search, and rank scientific information. Yet, these measures and algorithms have an issue: they are trained on citations, which are ingrained with human biases. Therefore the output is inherently biased too, creating inequalities, raising concerns […]

Anastassia at NetSci 2023

https://easychair.org/smart-program/NetSci2023/2023-07-12.html#talk:224079 Luca Maria Aiello, Sándor Juhász, Anastassia Vybornova, Eszter Bokányi and Michael Szell Highways are barriers to urban social connections PRESENTER: Anastassia Vybornova ABSTRACT. Geographic distances influence social connections inside cities - even in our digital age . Both the perception of physical distance and the likelihood of forming social ties across locations are influenced by infrastructural elements, as previous studies […]

Ane at Kortdage

Kvalitetsanalyser af de danske cykelstidata Ane Rahbek Vierø Danmark kaldes ofte for en "cykelnation", men afspejler det sig også i vores cykeldata? Mange ønsker i dag at arbejde mere strategisk med udbygningen af cykelinfrastruktur - herunder at gøre brug af GIS-analyser af de nuværende cykelforhold - men de tilgængelige data er ofte af varierende eller […]

Arianna at Complex Networks 2023

The 12th International Conference on Complex Networks and their Applications, Menton (French Riviera), 28-30 November 2023 Extended abstract 1 (poster): Tell Me Who You Are and I Will Predict Your Vulnerability to Political Persuasion Techniques w. Lucio La Cava and Alessia Antelmi Given the evolving role of social media in political communication and the strategic use […]

Roberta’s Keynote at the CHR 2023


Roberta gave a keynote talk at the Computational Humanities Research Conference 2023 (CHR 2023). The conference is held in Paris, 6-8 December 2023. Roberta's gave an online keynote talk, entitled "Quantifying the dynamics of impact in science and art".

Arianna at NetSciX24

NetSciX24, Venice (Italy), 22-25 January 2024 https://netscix2024.netscisociety.org/ Extended abstract (regular talk): The Storm Within: Hurricanes and Socio-Political Leaning in Climate Change Group Behavior w. Luca Maria Aiello Climate change is a pressing global crisis marked by a surge in extreme weather events, requiring societal responses and mitigation efforts. Focusing on the significant events of the 2022 Atlantic […]


https://d3aconference.dk/program/ SESSION #3 - AN INTERDISCIPLINARY DIVE INTO CLIMATE IT ROOM: Sal G The climate emergency is a multidimensional and wicked problem that requires a range of responses at various scales (local, regional, national, and planetary). Whether the issue of concern is renewable energy and carbon reduction, biodiversity loss, transport, agriculture, the circular economy, mitigation […]