Michael and Ane at CASA UCL Seminar

Bicycle networks: From data quality assessment to computational analysis Cycling is marginalized despite being a promising solution towards sustainable transport. In parallel, cycling data and cycling research are also marginalized, posing many opportunities for improvement and open questions. Here, we first present our cycling data quality tool which enables intrinsic and extrinsic assessment and reporting […]

Michael at CSH, Vienna

csh Josefstaedter Strasse 39, Vienna, Austria

Bicycle infrastructure data and networks: Opportunities and limitations In this talk, we will explore the opportunities and limitations of bicycle infrastructure data, models and networks. With the increasing popularity of cycling as a mode of transportation, the need for accurate and reliable data on bicycle infrastructure has become crucial for planners, engineers, and policymakers.

CSH Vienna workshop: Sustainable mobility

We are organizing a workhop in Vienna! Sustainable Mobility: Data, Networks, and Complexity Why are politicians so reluctant to invest into bicycle infrastructure and pedestrianization given it is the most efficient investment towards sustainable and livable cities? What are the technical and political bottlenecks that keep society in the stranglehold of car dependency, and what […]

Ane at Velo-City 2023

Examining Bicycle Network Data: A reproducible workflow for evaluating data quality Session: The potential of open data for better infrastructure

Luca Aiello at FRCCS 2023

Coloring Social Relationships Social relationships are the key determinant of crucial societal outcomes, including diffusion of innovation, productivity, happiness, and life expectancy. To better attain such outcomes at scale, it is therefore paramount to have technologies that can effectively capture the type of social relationships from digital data. NLP researchers have tried to do so […]

Roberta at Reykjavik University

Quantitative understanding of success and inequality through network science The unprecedented availability of large-scale datasets on human activities and interactions has enabled us to quantitatively understand how networks shape success and drive inequalities in various fields. In this talk, I will highlight the crucial role of network science in comprehending social phenomena, particularly in the […]