Two NERDS summer papers: Streetonomics and COVID Twitter psychology

Prolific NERDS researcher Luca Maria Aiello published 2 more papers over the summer. They already received wide media coverage:

  1. Streetonomics: Quantifying culture using street names, by M. Bancilhon, M. Constantinides , E.P. Bogucka, L.M. Aiello, D. Quercia, published in PLOS ONE

    This paper studies the names of 4,932 honorific streets in the cities of Paris, Vienna, London and New York, finding that street names greatly reflect the extent to which a society is gender biased, which professions are considered elite ones, and the extent to which a city is influenced by the rest of the world, quantifying a society’s value system.

    The paper was covered in media here:

  2. How epidemic psychology works on Twitter: evolution of responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S., by L.M. Aiello, D. Quercia, K. Zhou, M. Constantinides, S. Šćepanović, S. Joglekar, published in Humanities and Social Sciences Communications

    The paper studies the use of language of 122M tweets related to the COVID-19 pandemic posted in the U.S. during the whole year of 2020. On Twitter, we identified three distinct phases. Each of them is characterized by different regimes of the three psycho-social epidemics.
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