Postdoc wanted for analyzing networks of the Roman Empire

We are looking for a postdoc to work on a cool multidisciplinary project on networks and the Roman Empire ⚔️, at the NERDS (NEtwoRks, Data, and Society) research group at IT University of Copenhagen. Apply here if interested (deadline May 23rd)! 

In the project, you will be expected to develop network analysis techniques to work with extremely incomplete and heavily biased archaeological data. The idea is to try to reconstruct social relationships between different places in the Roman Empire. We are going to integrate remains at various sites with the most detailed to date reconstruction of Roman mobility. Check out this cool Roman roads network picture. That’s the stuff you’re going to work with!

The work is part of a Villum Synergy project. You’ll be supervised directly by Michele Coscia. You will interact on a regular basis with a team of cool archaeologists from Aarhus University, headed by Tom Brughmans.

Here’s the link to read more about the call and apply (deadline May 23rd):

The NERDS group is a down-to-earth and fun place to be. Copenhagen is often named as the best city in the world to live in, and for good reasons. It’s world-renowned for food, beer, art, music, architecture, the Scandinavian “hygge”, and much more. In Denmark, parental leave is generous, and child-care is excellent and cheap.